Tunahan Çalışkan
Tunahan Çalışkan
Backend Developer
  • PHP
    [Laravel] [PHPOffice] [XMPP] [ReactPHP]
  • JavaScript
    [ReactJS] [ReactNative] [Websocket] [Three.js]
  • Server
    [GNU/Linux] [Docker] [Traefik] [Nginx] [Jenkins]
  • Database
    [MariaDB] [PostgreSQL] [MongoDB]
  • Python
    [Pygame] [OpenCV] [PyQt] [Selenium]
Who Am I?

Tunahan Çalışkan began programming at the age of 15 and was introduced to computers and Linux at a young age. His fascination with electronics and robotics led him to study Industrial Automation in high school. During his undergraduate studies, he developed software as a freelancer, gaining practical experience while expanding his skill set. He is currently pursuing a degree in Software Engineering at International Dublin University, balancing his studies with professional work in software development. Tunahan has extensive experience in developing backend services and integrating systems for various companies, showcasing his versatility and expertise. He possesses strong skills in PHP (Laravel), JavaScript (ReactJS), server management (GNU/Linux, Docker). Tunahan has a proven track record working with reputable companies like Tatil.com, Dresden Vision, Kobikom Telecommunication and etc. His contributions span multiple projects, including Monitor Service, Docker Engine PHP and YIFY Transmission Downloader. Tunahan is passionate about leveraging technology to solve complex problems and continuously seeks to improve his skills and knowledge in the field of software development.

[ Linux ] [ VSCode ] [ ohmyz.sh ] [ Home Server ] [ 3D Printer ] [ Drone ] [ Ham Radio ] [ Microcontroller ]

  • International Dublin University 2022 - Today
    Faculty of Engineering - Software Engineering
  • Pamukkale University 2019 - 2023
    Faculty of Technology - Mechatronic Engineering
  • İstanbul Gelişim University 2017 - 2018
    Faculty of Engineering - Mechatronic Engineering
  • Uludağ University 2015 - 2017
    Technical Sciences Vocational School - Mechatronics
  • Tatil.com 2024 January - Today
    Backend Developer
    Responsible for developing backend services for internal systems, ensuring system reliability, and managing infrastructure. Involved in designing and implementing scalable backend solutions and optimizing system performance.
    [ DevOps ] [ Symfony ] [ GoLang ]
  • Dresden Vision 2022 June - 2024 January
    Backend Developer
    Worked on developing data synchronization processes between various systems and integrating third-party systems to ensure seamless data flow. Contributed to the development of custom solutions to enhance operational efficiency.
    [ WordPress ] [ Laravel ] [ Mautic ] [ n8n ]
  • Kobikom Telecommunication 2022 March - 2022 June
    Backend Developer
    Developed and maintained SMS services, number lookup, and number registration systems. Worked closely with telecommunications protocols and services to provide reliable solutions for clients.
    [ Laravel ] [ Jasmin ] [ Sippy ] [ SMS ] [ BTK NTS ]
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